Drinks can be served complete with tropical straws and tropical drink stirrers. Coconut flavored mai tais are a hit!

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Poolside Inspirations

51735 - 18 IN. Tiki Deco – Paper Mache-Should not get wet.  Assorted Set of three can be placed individually or stacked on top of each other like a totem pole.
584904 - Tiki Hut: Metal frame, artificial thatching with hibiscus flowers, decorative garlands and hardware. 
Dimensions: 55 IN. x 22 IN. x 56 IN.
Fish Nets
Fish Nets:  Authentic fish nets available as a kit or without accessories.
Garland Garland: View our selection of 8 Ft. and 9 Ft. garlandSeveral styles to choose from, just take a look inside.
Inflatable Coolers
Inflatable Coolers:  Terrific when looking for fun form and fully functional to boot.  Large Selection of Inflatable Coolers and Décor.
Deck Fringe/Table Skirting
Deck Fringe/Table Skirting: Not just for tables anymore, think wrapping it around your front porch swing, or a longer version of deck fringe.
Tops:  Fashionable tops for any luau or poolside occasion.  These bikini tops are designed for fashion not for actual swimming. Several styles available including an Aqua Bra and genuine coconut bikini tops.
Umbrella Covers Umbrella Covers:  Natural, green and with flowers.  Check out these options to decorate your deck umbrella and keep the sun at bay as you prepare for a tropical extravaganza.

Fun Fact:  Animals that lay eggs don’t have belly buttons.  Not really a Hawaiian fact but a fun one.



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