Cool Carribean... By the third round of rum drinks, someone can begin a conga line. After the fifth round of rum drinks, begin the limbo contest. Hire someone to braid everyone's hair.

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Outdoor Decorations

Whether you want to transform your outdoor space into an island oasis or jazz it up for additional ambience, you will be amazed at what a few simple items will do to make your party a complete success.

Start you party off right by decorating the entrance of your home and continue throughout the home to the backyard around the BBQ pit.

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Driveway: Yard signs are always a nice touch especially when new friends are coming to call.  A yard sign helps your home to be seen when the numbers are not always that visible.  This is an easy reference for the party that is not to be missed… Click here for directions how to dress up your drive home.
Front Door/Porch
Front Door/Porch: Create additional anticipation by strategically hanging a garland over the entry way. Depending on your entry way, you can add additional or even a different styles of fish nets on the railing. Greet your guests with a tiki by the door. Click here to explore your options.
Decked Out Decked Out: Don't leave your deck out of all the fun. Dress it up with deck fringe, garland, or tiki torches. Is your grill on the deck, be sure and see our stylish hula aprons to get the conversation started. Want to cool it down outside, look at our inflatable coolers, stylish palm trees, tiki keg coolers and even a landshark to help keep you cool as the party heats up.
Poolside: Make a splash with tikis, pool games and more.  Decorate the chairs with flowers, inflatable coolers and we even have an aquarium bra for those who dare. 
Backyard: If your trees need a little sprucing up, try a hula skirt or garland and wrap it around for a whimsical touch.  Hanging a door curtain on your patio door creates an alluring entrance to your own field of dreams.  Don’t forget to look at umbrella covers and our games for all ages for a truly memorable event. Click here to explore your options.

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