Do you have access to a Surf Board? Place it by the front door with a sign announcing the party. Go all out with
Sand, toy crabs and fish to the front door area Hang Tropical colored streamers, and paper cut out pineapples starfish,
sailboats etc. from the ceiling. Place fresh or tissue flowers around the party area. Play Hawaiian music and the Beach

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Front Door/Porch

Greetings from the Front Porch.  Each item has a few entries if not several to inspire you as you design the front of your home. Click here to explore all your options.


51735 - 18 IN. Tiki Deco – Paper Mache-Should not get wet.  Assorted Set of three can be placed individually or stacked on top of each other like a totem pole.
Fish Nets
Fish Nets:  Authentic fish nets available as a kit or without accessories.

View our selection of 8 Ft. and 9 Ft. garland

Inflatable Coolers
Inflatable Coolers:  Terrific when looking for fun form and fully functional to boot.  Large Selection of Inflatable Coolers and Décor.
Deck Fringe/Table Skirting
Deck Fringe/Table Skirting: Not just for tables anymore, think wrapping it around your front porch swing, or a longer version of deck fringe.
84911 - 24 IN. Decorative Spinning Pinwheels
Assorted Colors. –Place these stylish flowers along your driveway leading up to your front door for an extra touch of whimsy.

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Fun Fact:  The Hawaiian alphabet consists of only twelve letters. The five vowels are A,E, I, O,U. And the seven consonants are H,K,L,M,N,P,W.



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