The best parties are the ones that have the right mix of people, fun, party invitations, decorations, ono (means delicious in Hawaiian!) food and drink.

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Decked Out

Aprons: – Gather around the grill wearing these Hawaiian aprons. One size fits all and it is easy to clean.
Deck Fringe/Table Skirting
Deck Fringe/Table Skirting: Designed for the deck railing and anything else that you think can use a little extra trimming.  You are only limited by your imagination.
Fish Nets
Fish Nets:  Authentic fish nets available as a kit or without accessories.
Garland: View our selection of 8 Ft. and 9 Ft. garland. Several styles to choose from, just take a look inside.
Games:  From limbo to Aloha Bingo, we have some fun game ideas for you and your guests. 
Inflatable Coolers
Inflatable Coolers:  Terrific when looking for fun form and fully functional to boot.  Large Selection of Inflatable Coolers and Décor.
84911 - 24 IN. Decorative Spinning Pinwheels
Assorted Colors. –Place these stylish flowers along your driveway leading up to your front door for an extra touch of whimsy.
Table Decorations
Table Decorations:  We have Ti leaves and table tiki torches.  View our unique selection of table decorations.
51735 - 18 IN. Tiki Deco – Paper Mache-Should not get wet.  Assorted Set of three can be placed individually or stacked on top of each other like a totem pole. Paper Mache-not intended for prolonged outdoor use and should not get wet. 
Umbrella Covers
Umbrella Covers:  Natural, green and with flowers.  Check out these options to decorate your deck umbrella and keep the sun at bay as you prepare for a tropical extravaganza.

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Fun Fact: Hawaii's average temperature between summer and
winter varies by only 7 degrees Fahrenheit



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