Drinks can be served complete with tropical straws and tropical drink stirrers. Coconut flavored mai tais are a hit!

Think "Tropical" when planning your event. Bright colors, flowers,greenery, ocean, exotic sounds, authentic music, tapa designs, bamboo, wicker, anything that says Tropics! One of the most popular party themes, which can transport your guests from everyday life to a tantalizing, tropical island escape for an evening.


My Hawaiian Party!
Hawaiian parties are colorful, fun and the food is fabulous and what's more there are interesting cool tropical drinks too!

Instead of sending an invitation alone, prove you're creative and include a flower hair comb for the ladies and a flower wrist bracelet for the men. Tell them to wear the pieces you send them to the party! Have them dress in tropical prints and Aloha shirts.

Outside Entrance:
To make a grand entrance, place bamboo tiki torches outside your door as the first indication to your guests that this is going to be the Hawaii to remember. Adorn your porch rail or doorway with parrot and/or palm tree lights for a festive effect. Add a CD player with island music to create the perfect atmosphere. If you are really adventurous use pink flamingos outside your party place.

The backyard is fun to decorate with the rest of the house, so don't neglect this space, expand the party outside. Paper lanterns might be a nice touch, whether inside or in the back yard. Tribal masks are fun, too. Shells, sand and perhaps a mini-pool is in order here as well. If you really want to go crazy, rent realistic looking fake palm trees and wooden totem poles to place around the yard/patio. Candle votives are a must,but don't forget the citronella candles.

Using skirts, make a table skirt around the buffet table to bring Hawaii right inside your home. Use a green plastic or linen tablecloth over the buffet and pin the skirting t o the edges. Add fabulous tropical balloons (all you need is some helium) in the shape of fish, palm trees and other related shapes, so buffets can be seen from anywhere at the party.

A flamingo air walker (a helium balloon with feet) makes for a great centerpiece and is something different than the norm. Don't forget to add confetti and more foil wrapped chocolate fish. Make sure to use tropical colors for your tablecloths--yellow, green, hot pink, melon, orange and bright blue. Add your own seashells, maracas and sand. Another great idea is to use piñatas as your centerpieces or if you prefer, hang them above the tables.

The first drink should be served complete with tropical straws and tropical drink stirrers. You may want to add some pineapple votive candles to create some atmosphere-and you may want to add some tropical lights around the bar as well. Don't forget the all-important coconut cups, whether plastic or made from real coconuts (how dedicated do you want to be to making this as authentic as possible for your guests?) See our Tropical Teasers recipes!

Party Favors:
Fish squirts (little rubber fish that you fill with water, squeeze and squirt) are great fun if the party is outside. Another idea is to send guests home with their own plastic tropical beverage glasses. These are very cute and can be found in house-ware stores.

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